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Customer Experience Consulting

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Customer Experience Consulting from Two Vantage Points

From experience, we know that the key to successfully creating an optimal customer experience is to understand your own reality by tapping into “real” interactions – not staged interviews or focus groups. It is from this vantage point we can evaluate the true rational and emotional impact your current business practices have on customers. But understanding the current experience is just the beginning. What you do about it is where the real work begins!

Innovative change that differentiates you in the marketplace and is sustainable over time doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why we approach customer experience consulting from two vantage points: (1) provide you with the specialized, customer experience consulting skills you need now to close gaps; AND (2) support the ongoing growth and development of your internal customer experience team.

We do this by taking a ‘train-the-trainer’ approach to all our work to be sure you can carry-on the continuous improvement long after we have gone. Plus we subscribe to a ‘better, fewer’ model assigning only experienced, senior-level consultants to all of our projects.

What a VereQuest Customer Experience Consultant Offers

VereQuest, together with our partners, provide a broad range of hands-on consultative support to help you prioritize, design and implement the right strategies to not only improve your overall customer experience but also surpass competitive offerings. Whether it is through strategic planning or competitive analysis, sales tools or knowledgebase applications, culture and leadership training through to frontline coaching – there is a VereQuest customer experience consultant or partner with the skills to help.

Contact VereQuest for a customer experience consultant who can make a meaningful difference for your business.

What We Do & What You Get
  • Provide you with a fixed price budget using the best resources for the job.  We adhere to a ‘fewer, better people’ philosophy which helps to keep costs in line.
  • Provide you with a detailed timeline that is both assertive and realistic.  Given that we use predominantly senior staff, our clients will tell you that we can offer a pretty quick turnaround when deadlines are tight.
  • Leverage your existing research wherever possible.
  • Leverage your internal resources wherever possible.
  • All these things help to keep costs reasonable while exceeding your expectations.
  • Our commitment that we will do whatever it takes to be within budget and on time.

Recent Consulting Projects
  • A major financial services company was focused on removing effort from their experience…but where to start? Leveraging speech analytics and customer experience monitoring, VereQuest was able to direct them to high priority areas for improvement based not only on volume but also emotional impact.
  • An online retailer was expanding their reach into the Small Business sector.  Although the original uptake was promising, there were very few repeat purchases.  VereQuest was able to identify barriers and scope recommendations related to technology, procedures, and people for this large, enterprise-designed organization.
  • An international distributor was challenged to respond appropriately to new regulatory-driven changes in their marketplace.  VereQuest (together with our partner) was able to create an interactive framework and toolkit to help educate the sales force about these new stakeholders as well as to organize strategies around each segment.  Importantly, we also provided a detailed user guide so the client was able to update the tool as new insights emerged.

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