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Mystery Shopping

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Mystery Shopping for Contact Centers

The old adage “use it or lose it” has never been more true than today, in the contact center environment. Millions are spent on training but there is no guarantee the learning will be retained when a customer calls, emails or chats. This is particularly true for critical but infrequent scenarios.

You cannot be sure that agents are ready to interact with your customers … until they do. That’s why it makes sense to provide employees with opportunities to practice, learn and be coached in a safe environment – and not with your best customers.

Mystery Shopping within your contact center can be a valuable tool whether you choose to do it monthly or quarterly or every day. Whether you choose to focus internally or add competitive Mystery Shops to benchmark your own performance. Or if you want to couple it with or without an incentive program.

Ways to Leverage Mystery Shopping for Contact Centers
  • Capture quantitative measures of performance for performance-based pricing with an outsourced supplier or performance bonuses for contact center managers.
  • Validate how well your investment in training is doing and identify performance gaps after training has occurred.
  • Assess the readiness of your contact center for the introduction of a new program or a new channel (e.g. web chat) before you launch.
  • Assess new agent proficiency before they are exposed to live customers.
  • Reinforce lesser-used skills or knowledge so that agents are proficient when they need it.
  • Help to reinforce routine behavior like cross-selling and up-selling.
  • Augment internal quality monitoring efforts.
  • Monitor your contact center when you don’t have call recording system of your own.
  • Mystery Shop your competitors to identify their Achilles heel.


More About Competitive Mystery Shopping
If you are like most people, we spend most of our time and energy focusing internally. As a result, we can lose touch with our marketplace and our competitors. Competitive Mystery Shopping helps you identify best practices, benchmark performance and (most importantly) understand how to differentiate yourself in the mind of the customer.
What We Do
  • “Virtual Shoppers” (many of whom are working actors) call in, email or initiate chat sessions with your center that replicate a real-life customer experience.
  • Each interaction is evaluated against quantitative and qualitative customer experience measures.
  • Unlike other mystery shopping or secret shopper programs you may be familiar with, VereQuest’s program has been specifically designed for the unique conditions and operating environment of a contact center.
  • A database of scenarios which are created to replicate your live operating environment — literally hundreds of scenarios can be created — introduce multiple variables (time, profile, questions and products) to ensure that Shoppers are not readily detected.
  • (Optional) Trained coaches play the role of your customers and provide “just-in-time” coaching within minutes of the call -or- when in a staged classroom environment, immediately following a call.

What You Get
  • Each interaction is recorded (on our end) and appended to an online scorecard for easy retrieval.
  • Results are available at a contact center, team or individual agent level and are made available to all stakeholders via a secure web portal as they are evaluated.
  • “Just-in-time” feedback reinforces the positive elements of the experience while immediately curtailing those which you don’t want to become habitual.
  • (Optional) Powerful coaching, which is timed to coincide with the employee’s recollection of the experience and drives immediate, sustainable improvement.
  • The outcome is quantifiable, timely and able to be acted upon immediately.
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