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Accelerate contact center performance

Helping companies keep the promises they make®

Agent Filipino with HeadsetIn this multi-channel environment the call center plays a key role.  Either as a standalone channel or the people that support other channels, this is where customers reach out when they have a problem or question that can’t be quickly resolved elsewhere.  The interaction between a customer and the call center agent could be the only human contact your customer has with your company.  And, therefore, how well the agent is able to turnaround challenging situations and manage the customer’s emotions matters.

There may be times when you simply don’t have the time to wait for things to get better.  Or your company may be undergoing a period of complex change or high growth.  You need to understand how your call center is performing (beyond the metrics) and where the gaps are.  And you need to know now!

What We Do
  • Over a period of 6-8 weeks, VereQuest delves into every aspect of the contact center environment and supporting systems — from recruiting, training and recognition through to technology, coaching and front-line leadership.
  • We conduct interviews with all stakeholders and review any existing customer research you may have.
  • We conduct intensive Customer Experience Call/Email/Web Chat Monitoring measured against your brand attributes to benchmark performance.
  • (Optional)  VereQuest Mystery Shoppers tap into your internal channels and your competitors to get a sense of how you stack up vs. the competition.
  • After a comprehensive gap analysis  we present the highest priority opportunities with detailed action plans.  In most cases, these opportunities can be implemented immediately with little/no capital investment.
  • (Optional)  We can lend our expertise with facilitation, coaching and project management to help with the implementation.
  • (Optional) Some clients repeat the process every 6 months to make sure that things stay on course.

What You Get
  • An independent, third party assessment of overall call center performance.
  • Identification of how this channel is performing against the brand promise.
  • (Optional) Identification of how your “characteristics” are aligned with your competitors’ service delivery.  E.g. Where are the opportunities to differentiate?
  • High-level ranking of individual Team Managers, Supervisors and Agents.
  • High priority recommendations that address both quick hits and longer-term objectives.
  • ….in 6-8 weeks.

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