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Align service delivery with your brand promise

Helping companies keep the promises they make®

Heart with HandsetBe careful what you wish for!

Companies who promise something as part of their brand positioning — but who continually fail to deliver — are doomed to struggle to retain customers.

By their very nature, brands create customer expectations.  Competitive brands create expectations.  Other great service brands outside of your industry create expectations.   Service delivery tends to come with its own set of customer expectations – convenient, easy, fast, hassle-free, empathetic. Aligning the brand promise with the way in which the promise is delivered is critical.


What We Do
  • We review and/or conduct customer research to understand how customers perceive the brand (various techniques).
  • Your brand promise is then translated into “characteristics” of service delivery for each channel and touchpoint.
  • We conduct intensive Customer Experience Call/Email/Web Chat Monitoring measured against the brand attributes to benchmark performance.
  • (Optional)  We complete an end-to-end audit of all operational tools/support that affects and/or contributes to service delivery (e.g. training, recruiting, technology, etc.).
  • We complete a detailed gap analysis identifying the highest priority opportunities.
  • (Optional) We facilitate workshops with your teams to refine the problems and develop innovative, actionable fixes.

What You Get
  • Identification of how service delivery is performing against the brand promise today.
  • Assessment of how service delivery support (e.g. recruiting, reward/recognition, training, etc.) is aligned to support the brand promise.
  • High priority, actionable recommendations that address both quick hits and longer-term objectives.
  • (Optional)  Innovative solutions to the gaps identified … and the associated skill set to innovate.

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