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Contact center quality monitoring system

Whether you do QA in-house or choose to outsource it, having the right data available at your fingertips is key to sustaining and improving performance. Ditch your Excel spreadsheets!

Uncover some sales or service skills that need attention?   Want to update your contact center training but don't have the time or resources?  Leverage our library of learning modules to help deliver just-in-time training.

Need to free up valuable internal QA resources?  Want to keep tabs on your outsourced contact center?  Consider the benefits of outsourcing your QA to an independent third party like VereQuest!

Contact center training

Dip into the VereQuest learning library for sales, service and CRM skills-based modules we customize to align with your company and industry.  Flat rate pricing for perpetual licenses and unlimited learners.  Nice!

Contact center third party quality monitoring

Leverage expert VQ resources to conduct quality monitoring so your internal resources can focus on coaching and serving customers.  And it comes with VQ Online!

Is it time to take a step back and look at your experience from the customer's perspective?  Want to (re)design what a great experience looks and feels like?   Need to make sure your team is on the same page?  Customer Journey Mapping has a multitude of benefits.

Have you identified some barriers to success and customer loyalty?   Do you want to remove some of the 'effort' from doing business with your company?  Ask about a wide range of cost-effective workshops and planning tools that can help.

Customer experience barrier

Understand the customer's experience with your company and in the impact it has on your contact center resources.  Identify high priorities areas to reduce effort and build customer loyalty.

Removing customer effort

Need to understand where your greatest opportunities are to improve performance, reduce cost or increase sales?  Need support managing change?  can help.