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Put Call Center Best Practices to Work in your Organization 

Looking to differentiate your customer service, bring your sales performance to new heights, lift customer experience results, or streamline call center management?  VereQuest offers tailored solutions to fuel your growth.  Boost your results by leveraging our tools and decades of contact center experience.

Practical solutions developed with
customers + contact centers in mind.



Leverage expert and unbiased VQ Coaches to enhance quality assurance efforts and improve performance.  Free up internal QA analysts for coaching.  Stay on top of BPO performance.  Improve speech analytics accuracy with human calibration.  

QA Tool

 Ditch your spreadsheets and hard-to-use tools.  Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your contact center quality monitoring efforts.  Work across channels and sites.  Flat rate pricing for an unlimited number of users and agents.


Choose from our library of best-in-class customer service, sales, and coaching skills modules for newly hired or tenured agents alike.  We customize them to align with your brand, company, and industry.  Host on your LMS or ours.  Flat rate pricing for unlimited learners.  


 Customer journey mapping is a visual representation of the entire customer experience, from initial interaction to post-purchase. Understand customer needs, pain points, and preferences at each stage and across all channels.  Remove effort, prioritize opportunities, and drive business growth.


Tap into decades of experience managing a multi-channel environment to improve your support for coaches/managers, streamline customer service processes, and improve agent performance.  Leverage our expertise to help increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, boost sales, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

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