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Coaching Check-Up

You successfully delivered a one-on-one coaching session

Estimated Time to Complete  (Minutes)


Learning Objectives

  • Designed for coaches, team leaders, supervisors, trainers, and all others who engage in a coaching role within the contact center

  • Beginners or experienced

  • By the end of the course, participants will be able to deliver a successful one-on-one coaching session in a live environment

  • This course includes personal coaching to prepare for the session

  • Available in self-study e-learning format (5 hours) as well as leader-led webinar (5 hours over 3 days)

  • Can be fully customized to your unique environment

Pre-requisite Course(s)

  • Must have direct reporting relationships where coaching is required

All VereQuest e-Learning Courses have been created by contact center professionals leveraging industry best practices gleaned by listening to/reading literally millions of customer interactions.

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