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Discover and reinforce your competitive advantage

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young successful businessmanIf you are like most executives, you spend most of your time thinking about internal issues.  Rarely do you have the time to really get to know what your competitors are doing and saying.  You may read about them or listen to anecdotal stories about them.  And while developing your own independent strategy and following your own path is important, it is also helpful to understand where your strengths and weaknesses are vis-à-vis your competitors — from the customer’s perspective.

What We Do
  • VereQuest specialists, who can relate to your target customer, go through the buying cycle from thinking about buying through to purchasing and follow-up.  Also see Mystery Shopping
  • As they peruse online content, read collateral, call your call center, send emails, access your website, etc. (just as your customers would), each step is audio-recorded, mapped and evaluated based on ‘best outcome’ criteria
  • (Optional) The experience is converted into a visual map highlighting barriers
  • Complete opportunity analysis

What You Get
  • An idea of how customers are experiencing your company and your competitors today 
  • Prioritization of the key areas of opportunity which can be leveraged to differentiate yourself in the marketplace
  • Identification of barriers and/or gaps that can improve the likelihood of a successful outcome
  • High priority, actionable recommendations that address both quick hits and longer-term objectives
  • A detailed PowerPoint presentation complete with ‘real life’ audio clips to help communicate and socialize the opportunities across channels/business units

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