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Are your QA results in sync with customer feedback?  

Internal QA results have a tendency of skewing higher than they should creating a gap between what is being reported and reality. 


Regular and rigorous calibration can help but the closer you can align the QA process with the customer, the better.


VQ Online has the unique ability to provide an additional Customer Experience Index to each evaluation which helps to balance and align the assessment with customer feedback.


If you answered NO

VQ Online

included with Outsourced QA

  • Maintain your QA internally but take advantage of VQ's QA Coaches to help coach your QA team and calibrate results.

  • Access the VQ Online system to capture QA results and CEI results to provide a 'heads-up' before survey results are known -and/or- to gain insight into those groups of customers you can't survey directly.


To get a sense of how VereQuest can add more value to your QA program, get in touch to arrange a FREE, no-obligation assessment


​​​Here's how VereQuest's FREE assessment works:

  1. We'll sign a non-disclosure agreement.​​

  2. You'll upload a few high and low scoring calls to our secure FTP site.

  3. We'll evaluate them against our own best-in-class criteria.

  4. We'll provide you with individual assessments in writing along with detailed coaching notes.

  5. We'll demonstrate how real-time, online access can lift agent performance and capture the insight you need to prioritize business initiatives.


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