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Harmonize and transform the experience across channels

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Social Networking CommunicationsIt is no surprise that in today’s organizations more than half of all customer interactions are multi-touch and multi-channel.  And, while we thought new channels would reduce cost and streamline interaction, the reality is that many organizations are still driven by product and channel silos.  When a customer interacts with your organization, they don’t see defined channels and products — they see your organization.  That means that, in addition to operational consistency, they expect the experience to be consistent across channels as well.  If not, customers will continue to be frustrated and confused by how they engage with you and channel optimization will be stymied.

What We Do
  • Review and/or conduct customer research to understand how customers interact with your channels and their perception of the experience (various techniques)
  • Translate your brand promise into “characteristics” of service delivery from a channel perspective  (e.g. what is the key value proposition and how does that translate?)
  • Working with you, develop customer journey maps for each key activity and define what a customer does, feels and thinks as they engage with your organization
  • Quantify the gaps and, working with you, develop and prioritize fixes, work-arounds and/or other solutions to address short-/long-term opportunities

What You Get
  • Definition of a service delivery promise and how it is reflected and delivered across all channels
  • A visual customer journey map for each key activity, across all channels
  • Identification of service delivery gaps, inconsistencies and opportunities
  • High priority, actionable recommendations that address both quick hits and longer-term objectives

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