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Improve your customer experience scores

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Question Mark KeyWhen the best-selling book ‘The Ultimate Question’ introduced their new findings around the old question “would you recommend this company”, they ushered in a whole new level of anxiety for many executives. Companies who had previously been superstars in the “satisfied customers” game were now seeing bottom-scraping “would you recommend” scores.

Whether you are a proponent of Net Promoter methodology or not, once you have decided how you want to measure how customers feel about your company, the challenge will be to lift results and sustain them.  Sometimes this will mean removing effort from your experience while other times it will mean you need to wow! customers.  In still other cases, just be consistent will do the trick.

The approach we will take to helping lift your companies’ scores will be uniquely your own.

Some of the Things We Do

What You Get
  • In as little as 4-6 weeks, a visual representation of your customers’ experience with your organization
  • Real-time, online reporting of detailed results
  • High priority recommendations that address both quick hits and longer-term objectives

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