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3 Great Reasons to Outsource Your Call Center QA

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Contact Center Quality Assurance Analyst
Want to redeploy your valuable QA resources? Check out 3 additional reasons why third party outsourced QA makes sense.

As a company in a dynamic marketplace, you know how important call center QA is to ensure your customers are getting the best service possible. The question is, what’s the best way to spend your limited QA funds? When you think about it, investing in a relationship with a third-party call center QA provider is the best way to go.

In addition to freeing up your valuable internal Quality Assurance Analysts, here are the top 3 reasons why:

1. Make sure QA is happening.

Everybody intends to do their own call center QA. They mark it on their calendars, they schedule a time for side-by-sides. But stuff happens. Team leads get busy, someone calls in sick, something goes sideways. And call center QA is often the first thing to get postponed and pushed to the side. Even if your call center has dedicated QA staff, when it’s all-hands-on-deck, their hands are likely to be called to the deck as well. There’s a promise to get back to the QA, but while it’s off on the sidelines, that Call Center QA piles up. And when the phones finally stop ringing, the queues shrink to manageable lengths, and this week’s campaign is completely under control, there is a mountain of QA to waiting to be done. In the meantime, agents are repeating and solidifying what could be the wrong behavior

On the other hand, you could set your valuable QA staff free to do what matters most -- serve your customers AND provide just-in-time coaching to your frontline staff. It makes sense to leave the QA to a trusted external Call Center QA provider because that’s their sole function and focus.

2. Get an unbiased perspective.

We all know the mythical story of the fox being asked to guard the hen-house. We all know how that turned out! And while that situation is extreme, we can’t ignore the issue of potential conflict of interest. Statistics tell us that internal QA results have a tendency to be over-inflated. It’s natural that they would have more empathy for agents and your corporate operating environment, which may result in a little more leniency. The unintended consequence is that your business may miss valuable feedback and market information. In order to run effectively, your business needs a dependable, unbiased perspective that can only come from an independent third-party call center QA provider whose only vested interest is in the accuracy of their reporting.

3. Experience things from the customer’s point-of-view.

Internal QA staff can’t help but see things from the point of view of your business. They know your goals, they know your products, they know your procedures. And that is good… up to a point. But in their focus on policy and performance metrics, they can lose sight of the person at the center of your business – the customer. An external Call Center QA provider is in the unique position to experience your business from the customer’s point of view, giving you valuable insight into what the customer feels and thinks, uncovering trends, reactions, and needs; a veritable treasure trove of customer experience information.

In order to make well-informed decisions about where to take your business, you need accurate, independently verified information – which is exactly what an external call center QA provider can offer. And, when you have limited QA funds (don’t we all), they can typically handle it for less than you could do it internally. Makes sense.

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Kirk Dunn is the VP of Customer Engagement at VereQuest and a highly skilled coach, actor/writer, and textile artist.

VEREQUEST is a consulting firm specializing in driving and sustaining the quality of the customer experience in the contact center environment. We help our clients, each a leading organization in N.A., to strive to win the hearts and loyalty of customers through a wide range of proprietary tools and techniques.

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