• Sharon Oatway

Walk a Mile in My Shoes - Coaching for Empathy

Updated: Jan 26

QATC Virtual Conference 2020 - Speaker: Sharon Oatway, President & Chief Experience Officer at VereQuest

There has never been a time in our shared history where empathy has been more important. Empathy in business has always been vital to maintaining and building relationships with customers, colleagues, and partners. That said, empathy is more than just a fluffy phrase we bring out when a customer or colleague is upset. Empathy is a powerful tool for engaging people on both sides of an interaction. The resulting genuine, human connection drives greater sales, resolves more conflict, and gains consensus. But if empathy is so important, why is it so challenging to engage agents to express genuine empathy when it matters most? This session will delve into HOW to coach agents to hear and reflect empathy (in an appropriate way) with every interaction. Is empathy an innate trait? Or can empathy be taught?

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