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Cloud-Based Quality Monitoring Software

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Cloud-Based Quality Monitoring Software that Drives the Customer Experience
Is your quality monitoring effort driving improved performance in your contact center? Does your QA process have a positive impact on the customer experience? If your answer is that you’re not really sure, our guess is it’s because your quality monitoring tools are frustratingly misaligned.

VQ Online was designed specifically for capturing and reporting contact center quality monitoring results across calls, emails and chat channels. Its fully customizable design is great for centers who are:

  • Using Excel for quality monitoring (need we say more?!)
  • Using the less-than-ideal but free quality monitoring tools that come with call recording systems
  • Using different call recording systems (and tools) across multiple internal and/or external contact center locations

VQ Online ensures you are getting the most out of your quality monitoring investment to lift agent performance across all contact center channels and better understand the customer’s experience.

Elevate your internal quality monitoring efforts with VQ Online. Or check out VereQuest’s outsourced quality monitoring for contact centers.

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Cloud-Based Quality Monitoring Software


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Here’s what you get with VQ Online:
  • Fully customizable quality monitoring software
  • Easy to use interface
  • Multi-channel quality monitoring (calls, emails, chat, Mystery Shopping)
  • Online, real-time insight and reports
  • Unique measure of agent behavior and customer experience
  • Highest level of security for customer privacy and data security
  • No ramp up time for existing QA specialists
  • Cost-effective solution that drives ROI

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