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Contact Center Monitoring

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Contact Center Monitoring
The Importance of Contact Center Quality Monitoring

If you want to create an environment where your customers remain your advocates, the customer experience you design for them can never be static. The constant state of change is no more evident that in the contact center. It is here that customers reach out when they need information, are challenged by the capabilities of other channels or simply feel the need to talk to a person.

Many larger organizations are looking to speech analytics to help understand why customers call and to tackle compliance-related requirements. Whether or not you have made this investment, call center quality monitoring remains critical to understanding how customers are experiencing your brand and what you can do about it.

Email, Chat & Call Monitoring

An important role of the contact center is to manage customer emotions. After all, for a growing number of companies, the contact center may be the only interaction your customer has with a live person who can effectively represent your brand, keep your promises and manage customer emotions.

Internal call center quality monitoring efforts are ill-designed to monitor the experience they themselves are delivering in an unbiased manner or from the customer’s perspective – they simply know too much.   As a result your call center quality scores may be inflated.  In addition, the Excel spreadsheet or the call recording software form you are using may not get to the root cause of the problem — information you need to make critical coaching, training and business decisions.

How VereQuest can help Improve the Contact Center Customer Experience

The VereQuest Call Center Monitoring program can help you in a number of ways:

        1. VereQuest’s “Check the Checker” program is specifically designed to calibrate your internal call center quality monitoring efforts by providing an independent, external perspective and coaching to ensure you can trust what your QA team is reporting.
        2. VereQuest’s “Reality Check” quality assurance application for call centers was specifically designed to support call center quality monitoring efforts for calls, emails, chat and Mystery Shopping. Well suited for large-scale, multi-site call centers where multiple recording platforms make consolidated reporting challenging.
        3. VereQuest’s “Customer Experience Monitoring” program takes on all or some of your call center quality monitoring using our highly specialized team of coaches. This comprehensive program includes best-in-class scorecard design, quantitative and qualitative call center agent evaluations backed up by detailed coaching – all delivered in real-time on the Reality Check platform. In many cases, this program can be delivered at the same/similar cost to what you are currently paying for internal call center quality monitoring.
        4. VereQuest’s “Customer Experience Training” program introduces the fundamental sales and service skills needed to engage customers in a meaningful way.

What We Do
  • VereQuest Customer Insight Specialists access pre-recorded calls, emails or web chat sessions from your database of pre-recorded** customer interactions. In many cases, VereQuest Customer Insight Specialists are also highly skilled actors who are uniquely trained and able to get into the customer’s ‘space’.
  • Our team not only assesses your customer’s experience but also leverage VereQuest’s proprietary technology that allows us to capture and report the data that will guide your decision-making.
  • The interaction is evaluated against pre-determined standards (quality, adherence, skills) as well as customer experience metrics.
  • Each customer interaction is categorized by type and key elements of the interaction for detailed, real-time reporting.
  • Evaluation criteria are weighted to emphasize key driver of customer experience.
  • Shortfalls are databased to ensure consistency in how they are identified as well as for detailed reporting and root cause analysis.
  • A copy of the interaction is appended to the VereQuest scorecard (for ease of access).
  • Reporting at the individual employee, team or program overall are reported in real-time. The outcome is quantifiable, just-in-time and highly actionable.

**If you don’t already have a recording system in place (in some cases) we can provide one.

What You Get
  • Results from VereQuest audits available online, in real-time.
  • Quantitative measures of performance for performance-based pricing with a supplier or performance bonuses for contact center managers.
  • Ability to free up valuable internal resources for coaching or other mission-critical duties.
  • Augment the volume and frequency of quality monitoring you do.
  • More timely feedback and (when managed) more timely coaching focused on the right individuals.
  • Ability to validate how well your investment in training is doing and identify performance gaps after training has occurred.
  • Intensify the assessment of new agent proficiency in the critical weeks following training.
  • Calibrate internal quality monitoring efforts.
  • Reduce the overall cost of quality monitoring.
  • And more…



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