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Customer-Centric Sales & Service Training

Helping companies keep the promises they make®

While 89% of customer service executives believe that delighting the customer will lead to increased loyalty, research found that the probability that any given customer service interaction will actually drive disloyalty is currently about four times greater than the chance that it will create any positive loyalty impression.    Customer Contact Council
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The Importance of Customer-Centric Contact Center Training

It’s no surprise that, as contact centers stretch to manage service level targets, ill-prepared agents make it through training and onto the phones before they are ready.  The end result?  Agents practice on your customers … leaving customers and agents increasingly exasperated.  Customers take their business elsewhere.  Agents leave.

Contact center employees join your organization from all walks of life — different ages, different experiences, different skill sets.  So while you can’t fix the turnover problem overnight, you can make sure that those individuals who are ready to serve your customers can fast-track through training and those who are not ready receive the individual attention they need.

Flexible and Customizable Contact Center Training

VereQuest’s Check-Up™ Certification is specifically designed for contact centers where the environment is fast-paced and time out of the queue is at a premium.  While the Check-Up™ Certification program can become the cornerstone of your training curriculum, it is also well suited to work in concert with your existing training to reinforce, re-train and certify your agents to deliver the kind of customer experiences you want and need.

Not Just for Contact Center Agents!

Although VereQuest’s training was design for Contact Center Agents, it works equally well with any front-line position in your retail or back-office position. Anyone who interacts directly with your customers — where delivering your brand promise is key — would benefit from customer experience training.  By design, modules can be customized to address the specific needs of each of your learner groups — whether it be sales, customer service, collections or operations.  It is key to remember that the customer experiences your company holistically and, therefore, you want the experience to be consistent no matter how your customer is engaging.

What We Do
  • Leveraging content from our library of customer experience-based behaviors and skills, competency-based training is customized for your unique environment.
  • We layer in sample calls or other real-life examples to truly make the content relevant for each learner. Where required, custom modules are created.
  • In all cases, each module is designed for quick-study — no longer than ½ hour with ability to fast-track as well as classroom delivery.
  • Testing is added which may include a variety of online practice tests, competency tests and (optional) real-life role-plays with VereQuest actors.
  • (Optional) Final certification takes place in your live production environment and may include call evaluations or “Mystery Shopping” with “just-in-time” Coaching.

What You Get
  • Fully customized SCORM-compliant online modules -and/or- Classroom training.
  • Definition of critical Customer Experience skills based on your unique environment and against hundreds of top performing sales/service agents.  Critical for alignment with Quality Assurance goals.
  • Our guarantee that someone who works through the Certification program will be able to demonstrate the skills on the job.
  • The ability to “fast track” more experienced agents who already have the required skills to the center sooner.
  • All modules are fully customized.  Here is a sample of the topics available:
Promises.  Promises.  An introduction to NPS and other loyalty measures. Identifying & responding to different customer styles Asking for the sale at the right time
Getting ready for pressure Engaging customers in a way they can relate Gaining agreement.  Sales for non-sales professionals.
You had me at ‘hello’ *NEW!  Empathy works. Handling objections at the core
Delivering information with clarity and confidence Managing Irate Callers/Handling Escalations Selling other things customers need & want.  Cross-selling & up-selling for everyone.
Hello?!  Hello?!  Managing holds & dead air *NEW!  Communicating with Internal Customers Helping customers buy
You were courteous & professional Asking the right questions Leaving customers feeling valued … and wanting more
*NEW!  Managing cultural communication barriers *NEW!  Engaging Customers with Web Chat  *NEW!  Agent-Lead Coaching (for Frontline Managers)

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