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Customer Journey Mapping

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Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping Provides Perspective

Many organizations feel that they understand what the customer needs to go through to do business with them. And it’s usually true in part. They may know the processes, technology, and procedures needed. What tends to have very little visibility is the amount of effort required. As we layer products on top of processes over channels and continually introduce new procedures, exceptions, and rules … the “easy” and “satisfying” part of the experience can be lost. The proliferation of new products and new channels is only making matters worse. Product and channel silos can become disconnected. Segmentation can become overly complex. It’s at times like these that it is important to pause and reflect on where you are and where it is you need to go when it comes to delivering an effortless customer experience. That’s when customer journey mapping can be the most valuable.

Customer Journey Mapping

At the end of the day, the ROI for Customer Journey Mapping will be grounded on improving conversion rates (sales or new channel adoption), customer retention and reducing the cost to serve. The key to success will be to focus effort on those areas that matter most to your customers … and your bottom-line.

Depending on your end goal, the customer experience map can be very detailed incorporating all decisions, options, touchpoints, and outcomes. Or it can be high-level capturing a single part of the journey. In all cases, while the ‘doing’ part of the journey is important, the ‘thinking’ and ‘feeling’ components help inform the measure of customer effort.

We build the initial map(s) by way of a highly collaborative customer experience mapping workshop bringing together a multi-disciplined internal team that, in itself, can be a very useful exercise – and then layer on additional detail, measures and insight over time. The outcome is a graphic customer experience map, playbook or interactive tool that helps to inform decisions, communicate across the organization and keep the customer top-of-mind.

The Power of a Customer Journey Map

Armed with this insight, you will be better prepared to not only focus your efforts but also do it in a manner that is differentiating and sustainable.

See Journey Mapping Datasheet Get in touch with VereQuest to find out how customer journey mapping can help your company keep your customers.

20150415 Credit Card Journey Map

What We DO
  • Working with your internal subject matter experts we map the customer’s journey from purchase decision through to service. These maps are specifically designed to illustrate the customer’s journey — what they are doing, thinking and feeling at each stage of the experience.
  • (Optional) Once the initial map has been drafted, VereQuest Customer Insight Specialists (working alone or with customers) “experience” the journey, validating each step, option and decision point.
  • The map is then converted into a visual map highlighting key stages of the journey.
  • Typically at this point, we prioritize the gaps, targeting some quick wins out of the gate.  Sometimes we link each stage/phase with internal measures to both quantify impact and track progress.  And we may also target some quick wins to get the program off to a great start.
  • Once the high priority areas are identified, we can take our clients through the Problem Resolution & Innovative Thinking stage through training, facilitation, and practice.

What You Get
  • A visual representation of the customer’s journey highlighting areas of delight, pain, confusion as well as areas you are unclear about internally.
  • Tools to be able to communicate and explain the journey to other stakeholders across the organization.
  • (Optional) Audio and/or visual representations of the key areas of concern.
  • Prioritization of key opportunities.
  • Improved skills that can be leveraged across the organization in the area of Problem Resolution and Innovative Thinking.

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