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Simply better conversations

We provide simple contact center performance tools that are easy to implement, easy to use, reasonably priced, and very effective. 


What happens when you deliberately design a great customer experience, monitor individual agent and center trends consistently, and close performance gaps in real time?  You create greater agent engagement.  Offer differentiated customer service.  And deliver an experience that keeps customers coming back.

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Simple design.  Easy to implement.

We've created a simple yet efficient alternative to spreadsheets that captures insight across channels.  Customizable.  Flexible.  Cost-effective.  Unlimited number of evaluations.  Nice! 

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Customization that makes sense.

Leverage our library of best-in-class soft skills e-learning and customize it to fit your environment.  Your calls.  Your examples.  Your quiz.  Plus, host it on your own learning management system (or ours).


Customer experiences made right.

We've listened to and read literally millions of customer interactions.  Leverage our expertise to craft a rubric / QA scorecard that best aligns with your brand and will differentiate you in the marketplace.



VereQuest provided us with both the business insight and the coaching focus needed to raise the bar in how we deliver the best customer experience possible.  I enthusiastically recommend VereQuest to you and your company.


~ SVP Direct Channels & Distribution Strategy

Why trust us?

Over the last 20+ years, we've helped improve call center customer service and sales performance for some pretty impressive brands!

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Why VereQuest now?

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More great stuff 

Top 20 Quality Assurance Best Practices

The Top 20 Best Practices for Call Center Quality Assurance has been compiled by VereQuest coaches over 20+ years and multiple clients/industries.  Learn about how to structure your own internal Quality Assurance program. 

Thinking about the benefits of outsourcing your day-to-day quality monitoring to a third party?  Check out A Guide to Outsourcing Your Contact Center's Quality Monitoring. Whether you are hoping to free up internal resources, save some costs, or simply want an independent third party's perspective, this guide will provide with you with the insight you need to choose the right partner.

A guide to outsourcing your contact center QA
Customer Journey Mapping Guide

The Customer Journey Mapping Playbook will guide you through planning, facilitating, and documenting a customer journey mapping workshop.  Learn about the key data elements and how to structure the final map.  Lots of examples and tips. 

Check out the VereQuest BLOG for the latest insight into customer service skills, call center training, quality monitoring best practices, and more!

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