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Contact Center Customer Service + Sales Best Practices Resources

Top 20 QA Best Practices eBook

VereQuest's Top 20 Best Practices for Call Center QA

At VereQuest we have had the pleasure of conducting Contact Center QA for many of N.A.’s leading brands since 2002.  Over this time, we have listened to or read well over a million customer interactions and we have come to understand what is important when crafting a successful QA program.  This guide highlights the top 20 characteristics of a best practice QA program. 


NOTE:  We have written this from the perspective of conducting QA on calls – however, it is equally important to implement QA for emails, chat or social media interactions.

How to outsource your call center QA

VereQuest Guide to Outsourcing Your Contact Center's Quality Monitoring

In today’s business environment there is no question of the value of quality monitoring and its role in driving an improved customer experience.  The challenge remains how to ‘do more with less’ – less resources, less budget, less time.  It is critical to look at the value of quality monitoring – not just from a check-the-box agent performance effort – as a vital tool for tapping into what is happening and where the opportunities lie within your organization.   


In this eBook, we’ll examine the benefits and ROI for outsourcing your quality monitoring efforts as well as things to consider should you choose to outsource.  It is our hope that, in the end, you’ll have all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether to outsource or keep your quality monitoring in-house. 

Call Center QA Checklist

VereQuest Contact Center Quality Assurance Checklist

 In addition to providing a measure of agent performance, best-in-class contact center QA programs provide a wide range of benefits to the organization as a whole.  Are you getting the most out of your Contact Center QA effort?

Customer Journey Mapping

VereQuest Customer Journey Mapping Playbook

As the number and complexity of customer interactions and touchpoints increase, the need for mapping becomes vital. Customer experiences must be designed and delivered seamlessly across many interactions. Customer Journey Mapping provides an opportunity to take a holistic view of the customer’s physical and emotional journey and design ways to differentiate the experience from competitive offerings. It offers a proven framework to uncover moments of truth and key opportunities to bring an experience to life.

Lifting Contact Center Net Promoter Results

Case Study:  What Matters Most in a Net Promoter World - Lifting Contact Center NPS Results

Measuring customer loyalty can be tricky, particularly when you are moving from a measure of 'customer satisfaction' to whether or not they would recommend your company to others.  This case study investigates how one major financial institution approached the challenge that led them to J.D. Power excellence.

Empathy Infographic

Does Empathy Matter? (Infographic)

This interesting infographic explores the impact of empathy -- or a lack of empathy - has on the overall customer experience.  

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