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Outsourced Contact Center Quality Assurance | Compliance Monitoring

Outsourced Quality Assurance.
Outsource the Effort.

Your internal call center quality assurance team can often be your most knowledgeable and valuable resource. Make the most of their talent.


Here are the top 5 reasons clients look to VereQuest for outsourced quality assurance for their customer service and sales call center:

#1 - Free up valuable internal resources for other important duties like agent coaching.

Outsourced Quality Assurance

#2 - Remove bias from the Quality Assurance process with an independent, third-party perspective that reflects your customers' experience.


#3 - Gain access to robust, real-time reporting.


#4 - Add a more in-depth and human perspective to speech analytics results.


#5 - Reduce capital and payroll expenses.

Call Center QA software

VereQuest's Call Center Quality Assurance Software is included in all Outsourced Quality Assurance arrangements providing real-time insight, detailed reporting, and other great tools call center executives, frontline managers and agents appreciate.

Customer experience consulting

In addition to VQ Online real-time reporting, VereQuest conducts regular calibration/coaching sessions with your team and an annual 'deep dive' analysis of your center, business, trends and opportunities.


Are you getting the most out of your
Contact  Center Quality Assurance efforts?


about our FREE Quality Assurance Test Drive


Outsourced Quality Assurance for every unique contact center environment and budget.


There are lots of options based on your unique needs.

Contact center quality monitoring


Pull a sample of interactions 1-time, quarterly, bi-annually or annually to benchmark your results and gain an unbiased perspective on performance.
Third party quality monitoring


Evaluate a sample of QA evaluations completed by your internal team for calibration and QA coaching.

Evaluate your AI/Speech Analytics results with human review and assessment.  Gain the insight needed to make Speech Analysts work better for you.

Caution sign
Check mark


Protect your brand and maximize your investment in your BPO partner organization. 


Sample calls/emails/chats within your outsourcer environment to stay on top of trends and calibrate QA results.

Bulls eye


Get additional call center quality assurance support for targeted groups, new hires or new channels.

Space ship


Outsource all or most of your multi-channel Contact Center Quality Monitoring effort to free up your internal QA team for coaching or other critical tasks.

Let us do the heavy lifting.

Best-in-Class Contact Center QA Scorecard

Included in all Outsourced Quality Assurance services is robust upfront consulting that is highly collaborative.  We leverage best-in-class standards of excellence to design a branded, customer-centric experience that will win the hearts of your customers.

Call center QA scorecard
VereQuest team

Simply the best.

Highly Qualified + Experienced QA Analysts

What makes VereQuest's Performance Coaches and coaching different?  Our people.  Most of VereQuest's Coaches have been working with VereQuest for 8+ years and have a wide range of experience in executive and agent coaching, performance management, and training roles.  Importantly they have listened to, read, and provided coaching for literally thousands of customer interactions.

Many Coaches are working actors and performers which makes them experts at giving and receiving constructive feedback.  This experience contributes to their ability to put themselves into the ‘customer's headspace’ and interpret how the customer may be feeling, adding valuable perspective to our quality monitoring and coaching.

If you are looking for a 'human' perspective on the quality of your customer interactions, our team of Performance Coaches has years of experience coaching in a wide range of environments.  Importantly, their coaching is both unbiased and actionable.  By design, our Coaches are specially trained to ensure their feedback is always positive (not punitive), which makes the feedback welcomed and anticipated by both Team Leads and Agents alike.

 “I’m such a fan of VereQuest.  I think it’s been eye-opening and invaluable to see our agent performance through our customers’ eyes.  I’m grateful for your candor and the feedback you’ve given me about myself and my team – always constructive and intended to improve. Just can’t ask for more than that.  VereQuest has been, not just a paid service provider, but an invested partner. Thanks for caring about our success.”

"The insight that our VereQuest Program Directors offer on any and all questions is absolutely AMAZING!! If a Masters Degree could be given in Customer Experience, I say that they should possess one. They are so open to providing feedback and insight in an eloquent and clear manner, it allows us to connect better with our managers/coaches and ultimately our customers…THANK YOU!!
~ Contact Center Frontline Managers
  • Pricing is based on a 'per evaluation' basis (all inclusive).

  • The per evaluation rate is based on the average time required to complete your evaluations -- which is fixed at the beginning of your contract.

  • This makes your monthly budget predictable.A

Try it.

Get in touch with us for a no-obligation pilot of  VereQuest's Outsourced Quality Assurance.  Put us to the test to see for yourself if Outsourced QA is a good fit for your organization.

Contact Center Solutions Designed to Deliver Great Customer Experiences

Call Center Training

Choose from our library of best-in-class customer service, sales, and coaching skills modules for newly hired or tenured agents alike.  We customize them to align with your brand, company, and industry.  Host on your LMS or ours.  Flat rate pricing for unlimited learners.  

Call Center Quality Assurance Software

 Ditch your spreadsheets and hard-to-use tools.  Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your contact center quality monitoring efforts.  Work across channels and sites.  Flat rate pricing for an unlimited number of users and agents.


Tap into decades of experience managing a multi-channel environment to improve your support for coaches/managers, streamline customer service processes, and improve agent performance.  Leverage our expertise to help increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, boost sales, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Customer Journey Mapping

 Customer journey mapping is a visual representation of the entire customer experience, from initial interaction to post-purchase. Understand customer needs, pain points, and preferences at each stage and across all channels.  Remove effort, prioritize opportunities, and drive business growth.

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