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Helping companies keep the promises they make

At VereQuest we see the contact center

as a critical strategic tool.

Many organizations see the contact center as an afterthought.   And yet, more and more customers are seeing the experience they have with your contact center to be the true test of how much you value them and their business.  A testament to the brand promises you have made.


The contact center is where customers reach out when they have a problem or need advice.  And as more customers gravitate to managing their own relationships, this contact could be the only human connection they have with your organization.  How they feel about it matters.  A lot.  


VereQuest is passionate about working with frontline teams to make sure they have everything they need to be successful in this challenging environment.  And we work with organizations to help them understand how to reduce customer effort and build life-long customer relationships.   

 “The VereQuest team are a great bunch of individuals to work with. Always."


Fewer, better people.

  • We think the VereQuest team are pretty special people.  And our clients think so too!

  • Average tenure 8+ years.

  • 98% of VereQuest team was hired via referral.

  • All employees and suppliers undergo regular criminal background checks.

  • Many are working actors, performers or artists.  Others are full-time parents.  Which is why we work hard to support a positive work/life balance.

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Customer Engagement



Customer Development

"The VQ family has been such amazing partners in helping keep the promises we’ve made; to exceed expectations at every contact!  A warm felt THANK YOU!   Guess what?  You score 100%!"
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Committed to rise above.

  • VereQuest clients may be large, multi-nationals or smaller, local companies. 

  • They have engaged with us for 10+ years ... or for a single project. 

  • We have a special expertise in financial services and travel industries ... but also support clients in retail, healthcare and telecommunications.

  • Our clients may be different but they share a common goal -- earning their customers' loyalty by way of:

    • engaged and empowered employees that  embrace a customer-centric culture;

    • empathetic interactions that meet and exceed customer expectations; and

    • effortless experiences that consistently deliver across all touchpoints. 

  • Perhaps you have the same goals?  If you do, let's talk!