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VQ ONLINE™ - Quality Assurance results at your fingertips

VQ Online™ was developed over the last 19 years working with some of N.A.’s leading brands and the contact centers that support them.  VQ Online™ streamlines the QA process across channels and functions to maximize the insight gathered to drive even greater results ... and free up valuable QA analysts’ time.

VQ Online™ is great for:


  • Large, multi-site, multi-channel centers with internal and/or external QA functions who want to expand and/or consolidate QA results and/or who need a system for managing the QA process


- AND - 

  • Small, single-site centers that are currently using spreadsheets or other rudimentary scoring systems and recognize they need more.

VQ Online Introduction
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Quality Assurance Scorecard

 The preferred performance management tool for Contact Center frontline managers


Customizable Scorecards

VQ Online is designed to support any number of scorecards that you need to evaluate calls, emails, back-office functions, chat sessions, and more.  All are customized to align with your unique requirements.  Each with customizable drop-downs to capture specific areas of opportunity -- reducing QA effort.

Customer Experience Index

Customer Experience Index

In addition to providing a QA score, VQ Online also supports a secondary (and separate) customer experience evaluation.  This balances the evaluation and helps identify what matters most to customers.

Customer insight

Customer Insight

Easily find, listen to/read and share customer interactions based on a wide variety of criteria.  Bring the customer to life within your organization.


Omni-Channel +


VQ Online facilitates the consolidation of QA results and reporting across channels, sites, and touchpoints -- regardless of the technology you are using today.

QA data security


We protect your data and your brand as if it were our own.  See below for more information.  

Contact center quality monitoring

Self-Directed Teams

Team Leads and (as an option) their Agents can be notified when an evaluation has been completed on one of their interactions.  They can review results, read coaching direction and see reports on their own progress.

QA Reporting