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Multi-Channel Call Center Quality Assurance Software

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VQ ONLINE™ - Contact Center Quality Assurance results at your fingertips

VereQuest's Call Center Quality Assurance Software (VQ Online™) was developed over the last 10 years working with some of N.A.’s leading brands and the contact centers that support them.  VQ Online™ streamlines the call center quality assurance process across channels and functions to maximize the insight gathered to drive even greater results ... and free up valuable QA analysts’ time.

VereQuest's Call Center Quality Assurance Software is great for:


  • Large, multi-site, multi-channel centers with internal and/or external QA functions who want to expand and/or consolidate Call Center Quality Assurance results and/or who need a system for managing the QA process


- AND - 

  • Small, single-site centers that are currently using spreadsheets or other rudimentary scoring systems for Call Center Quality Assurance and recognize they need more.

 The preferred performance management tool for Contact Center frontline managers


Customizable Scorecards

VereQuest's Call Center Quality Assurance Software is designed to support any number of scorecards that you need to evaluate calls, emails, back-office functions, chat sessions, and more.  All are customized to align with your unique requirements.  Each with customizable drop-downs to capture specific areas of opportunity -- reducing QA effort.

Customer Experience Index

Customer Experience Index

In addition to providing a robust quality assurance score, VereQuest's Call Center Quality Assurance Software also supports a secondary (and separate) customer experience evaluation.  This balances the evaluation and helps identify what matters most to customers.

Customer insight

Customer Insight

Easily find, listen to/read and share customer interactions based on a wide variety of criteria.  Bring the customer to life within your organization.


Omni-Channel +


VQ's Call Center Quality Assurance Software facilitates the consolidation of QA results and reporting across channels, sites, and touchpoints -- regardless of the technology you are using today.

QA data security


We protect your data and your brand as if it were our own.  See below for more information.  

QA Reporting

Easy Access to Data +

Flexible Reporting

A wide range of our most popular reports are available online for multiple levels within a center -- allowing you to spot trends and opportunities in real-time.   Plus, all data can be easily exported into .csv format for offline, in-depth reporting using tools like Tableau and Crystal Reports -- in a single click.

QA Quota Mgmt

QA Quota Mgmt System

Contact center quality monitoring

Quality Assurance scheduling and management is one of the most time-consuming tasks in a contact center.  VQ Online's QA Management System takes care of the 'who, when and what' related to QA Specialist work management.

Self-Directed Teams

Team Leads and (as an option) their Agents are notified when a QA evaluation has been completed on one of their customer interactions.  They can review results, read coaching direction and see reports on their team's or their own progress.


Easy to Use + Update

VereQuest's Call Center Quality Assurance Software was specifically designed to be very simple and intuitive to use -- and just as easy to update, revise or change elements of your scorecard or set-up structure.

No User Fees

No user fees

Given that we are committed to letting the voice of the customer ring loud and clear through all organizations, you can provide access and online reporting to any stakeholder in the organization without paying additional user fees.  Nice!

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Data security

Let's Not Forget About Protecting Customer Data

VereQuest is committed to protecting your sensitive customer data using industry best standards.  Given our work over the years with some of N.A.’s leading brands (many who are financial institutions), we have ensured our Call Center Quality Assurance Software meets the highest levels of data security.  

With this in mind, your version of VQ Online™:

  • is hosted in a high-security site in North America that is independently audited each year to adhere to PCI and SOC 1 compliance standards

  • resides on servers protected by high-end firewall systems (not an unsecured cloud)

  • undergoes regular data back-up 

  • is scanned regularly to ensure that any vulnerabilities are quickly found and rectified

  • uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption (e.g. HTTPS) for all transmitted data 


Features List

Download the

VQ Online features list.

QA Checklist

Maximize QA

Download our eBook to discover the Top 20 Quality Assurance Best Practices.

QA Resources

Outsource QA

Are you strapped for QA resources?  Do you want a new perspective?  See if Outsourced QA is right for you.

What Our Customers Say About VQ Online 

"We were pleasantly surprised at how quickly VereQuest was able to get up and running.  The VQ system is so flexible and easy to use that we can adjust our program in real-time as we learn, and our expectations evolve."

Finger pointing

Operations Manager

"There is no question that the VereQuest customer experience monitoring program has contributed to our ability to achieve best-in-class customer service for our customers.  I would highly recommend this service to other companies looking to do the same for their customers."

Business Executive

"We started using VQ Online a year and a half ago.  I don’t think we’d be able to manage QA without it.   Not only is it easy to load agents who need call reviews for the month but we can also keep track of each Specialist's growth as an individual or on the team, and see how well their workflow goes on a daily or weekly basis.  There are a lot of benefits to it.   It’s working very well.”

QA Manager

  • $2500 USD per month

  • NO additional, individual user fees

  • Grow to an unlimited # of agents, locations, users, evaluations ...  at no additional cost

  • Expand to an unlimited # of scorecards designed for each channel or business need (just a small monthly fee)

  • Includes a robust QA management tool for tracking/reporting the QA effort across your organization.

  • Hosted in a highly secure environment

See it in action.

Get in touch for a personal, no-obligation demonstration of VereQuest's Call Center Quality Assurance Software.

Take your Contact Center Experience to the next level with VereQuest Solutions


Leverage expert and unbiased VQ Coaches to enhance quality assurance efforts and improve performance.  Free up internal QA analysts for coaching.  Stay on top of BPO performance.  Improve speech analytics accuracy with human calibration.  


 Customer journey mapping is a visual representation of the entire customer experience, from initial interaction to post-purchase. Understand customer needs, pain points, and preferences at each stage and across all channels.  Remove effort, prioritize opportunities, and drive business growth.


Choose from our library of best-in-class customer service, sales, and coaching skills modules for newly hired or tenured agents alike.  We customize them to align with your brand, company, and industry.  Host on your LMS or ours.  Flat rate pricing for unlimited learners.  


Tap into decades of experience managing a multi-channel environment to improve your support for coaches/managers, streamline customer service processes, and improve agent performance.  Leverage our expertise to help increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, boost sales, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

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