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Our contact center customer service and sales training and development resources help organizations keep up with the changing customer environment ... and empower frontline staff with the skills needed to help customers.


All of VereQuest's customer service and sales training can be customized to meet the unique needs of your organization and industry.


Available in SCORM-compliant eLearning and/or Classroom formats.

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Off-the-shelf customization.

  • We begin by identifying the specific skills your agents need to deliver on your brand promise.

  • Leveraging content from our library of customer-centric skills modules, training is customized for your unique environment:

    • Your logo

    • Real-life examples and images from your company and industry

    • Fully customized testing using your scenarios and language.

  • Your customized customer service course and/or telesales course is available in either a leader-led classroom format or eLearning. 

  • Customized chat and email courses are also available in eLearning format.

  • Licenses:

    • Allow for an unlimited number of learners

    • Are available for a 1-time flat fee

    • Are hosted on your own Learning Management System (or ours)

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Customer Experience Training | Self-Directed Coaching

 “When I first started my career in Travel, I knew it would be challenging to learn a new industry and meet the KPIs set by the business at the same time.  As a learning professional, it is imperative for me to deliver a quality product that not only drives results but is sustainable over time.  The fundamentals taught in the VereQuest Check-Up Program for our contact center became a part of our everyday language and allowed our leadership to coach in a focused way.  Not only did the training vastly improve our customer experience, our call quality and sales results were also greatly improved.  VereQuest delivered a stellar product that has stood the test of time and I would highly recommend them to anyone! "
~ Christyl Abraham, Learning and Development Manager


Sustained high performance.

Customer Service eLearning | Telesales eLearning | Email eLearning | Chat eLearning

  • Modules are 5 – 15 minutes in duration making them perfect for minimizing time away from customers and coaching support

  • SCORM-compliant

  • Hosted on your Learning Management System or ours.

  • Images, testing, and examples are customized to your environment.

  • All modules include robust testing

  • Learning is intended to align with the criteria you use to evaluate performance.  


Onboard with confidence.

Customer Service Training Modules |

Sales for Service Training Modules

  • Can be configured to deliver 1 to 2 days of leader-led classroom/webinar instruction.

  • Includes Leaders Guide and PowerPoint slides.

  • Images and examples are customized to your environment.

  • Modules are 15 – 30 minutes in duration and are well-suited to new hire training.

  • Learning is intended to align with the criteria you use to evaluate performance. 

  • We'll deliver the course or Train-your-Trainers.


Coaching Check-Up™ 

Call Center Customer Service & Sales 

  • Specifically designed for frontline managers, supervisors and team leads.  Learners prepare for a real coaching session as they progress through the course. 

  • 9 e-learning modules, each 5-15 minutes in duration plus a detailed Workbook.

  • Includes two 30-minute sessions with a senior, certified Coach for support, roleplay or discussion.

  • Supports the practical application of coaching in a busy, dynamic contact center environment.

  • (Optional) Roleplay coaching sessions with actors to ensure competence and support a safe practice environment.

  • Choose modules from our library that align with your environment.

  • We customize each one to your unique scenario.

  • Choose classroom and/or eLearning formats.

  • Pay a single, one-time fee.

  • Greatly reduces development time and costs.

  • Unlimited learners, perpetual license.

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