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Close Performance Gaps.

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Example of call center training

When generic training just won't cut it, our sales and customer service soft skills training can be adapted to your unique environment for a fraction of the cost of custom development -- and in a fraction of the time. 


Available in SCORM-compliant e-learning, video, classroom and/or webinar formats. 


All e-learning is hosted on your LMS (or ours*) to ensure continuity and to avoid individual learner fees.  No ongoing licensing fees.

All skill models are based on best practices gleaned from listening to and reading millions of customer interactions across a variety of industries (see Call Center QA).  Recently updated to address today's changing customer environment, these 5-30 minute modules empower frontline staff with the skills needed to support even the most challenging customers.


Call Center Trainer

Off-the-shelf customization.

  • We begin by identifying the specific skills your agents need to deliver on your brand promise.

  • Leveraging content from our library of customer-centric skills modules, training is customized for your unique environment:

    • Your logo

    • Real-life examples and images from your company and industry

    • Fully customized testing using your scenarios and language.

Customizable Call Center Training

Empathy example of customer service training
Empathy example of customer service training
Empathy example of customer service training
Empathy example of customer service training

*Hosting on the VereQuest Learning Management System is available on a per learner basis.

 “As a learning professional, it is imperative for me to deliver a quality product that not only drives results but is sustainable over time.  The fundamentals taught in the VereQuest Check-Up Program for our contact center became a part of our everyday language and allowed our leadership to coach in a focused way.  Not only did the training vastly improve our customer experience, our call quality and sales results were also greatly improved.  VereQuest delivered a stellar product that has stood the test of time and I would highly recommend them to anyone! "

~ Learning and Development Manager


Onboard with confidence.

Customer Service Training | Telesales Training |
Custom Development

With more at-home agents than ever before, traditional onboarding can be challenging. 

If e-learning isn't right for you, or you want more flexibility in how you deliver training, VereQuest's Call Center training can also be configured in a leader-led classroom or webinar format (or all three!).

Includes Leaders Notes and PowerPoint slides.


We can Train-your-Trainers or deliver the course for you.

Example of customer service training
Example of customer service training
Example of customer service training
Example of customer service training


Contact Center Coaching eLearning
Contact Center Coaching eLearning

Coaching Check-Up™ 

  • Specifically designed for new or tenured frontline managers, supervisors, team leads, and coaches. 

  • Learners prepare for a real coaching session as they progress through the course.

  • Available in three 1/2 day webinars or e-learning format (10 modules, each 5-15 minutes in duration).

  • This course also includes a 30-minute one-on-one coaching session with a senior, certified Coach for support, roleplay, or discussion.

  • Supports the practical application of coaching in a busy, dynamic contact center environment.

  • (Optional) Roleplay coaching sessions with actors to ensure coaching competence and support a safe practice environment.

  • You choose the soft skills modules you need from our library.

  • We adapt each one to your unique environment which always includes re-enacted actual customer calls.

  • Host your customized e-learning on your own LMS for continuity or choose a classroom/webinar format (or both).  Or host on VereQuest's LMS for a small fee.

  • Pay a single, one-time fee.

  • Greatly reduces development time and costs.

  • Unlimited learners, perpetual license.

  • Fast to deploy.  Cost effective development.

Check it out.

Get in touch to gain access to our Call Center training modules for review.

Other VereQuest Products + Services
Contact center quality monitoring

VQ Online is included in all Outsourced QA arrangements.  However, if you want to do your own QA in-house, leverage this platform for managing quality monitoring efforts across call, email and chat channels.

customer journey mapping

Understand the customer's experience with your company and in the impact it has on your contact center resources.  Identify high priorities areas to reduce effort and build customer loyalty.

Outsourced contact center quality monitoring

Leverage expert VQ resources to conduct quality monitoring so your internal resources can focus on coaching and serving customers.  And it comes with VQ Online!

Removing customer effort

Need to understand where your greatest opportunities are to improve performance, reduce cost or increase sales?  Need support managing change?  can help.

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