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Customizable Contact Center Training.  
Save Time and Money. 
Drive Superior Results.


Ownership eLearning

When generic training just won't cut it, our sales and customer service soft skills call center training can be adapted to your unique environment for a fraction of the cost of custom development -- and in a fraction of the time.

Most importantly, VereQuest's soft skill learning models are based on best practices gleaned from listening to and reading literally millions of customer interactions across a variety of industries (see Outsourced Call Center Quality Assurance).  Recently updated to address today's changing customer environment, these 5-30 minute call center training modules empower frontline staff with the skills needed to support even the most challenging customers.  

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VereQuest's call center training modules are all focused on seeing things from the customer's perspective.  Leveraging best-in-class practices, the learning is quick, to the point, and highly actionable -- which is great for new hires and experienced agents alike.  This approach drives immediate and sustainable results!

Learners are exposed to real-life scenarios and examples, listen to actual customer interactions and are tested using realistic situations.  This makes applying what has been learned more natural, logical, and likely.  

Customized call center training = faster results.

It makes sense that agents will be able to learn and retain information and skills more readily when call center training is relevant to their specific working environment.  That's why we feel strongly that learning be adapted to each organization's unique business identity. 

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  1. Choose the skills you need from our library of modules.

  2. We customize logos and text to align perfectly with your unique environment.

  3. We leverage ACTUAL call recordings from your center to create samples and examples (re-enacted by professional actors to protect agent/client identity, if required).

  4. Then we develop testing that reinforces learning and confirms that behaviors are right for the customer experience you want to deliver.

  5. We package it all up in a SCORM-compliant package for your Learning Management System (or ours).

  6. No annual licensing fees.  No individual learner fees.  

  7. Simple.

eLearning for Ownership
Customized call slide
Empathy Quiz

Click here to review all available learning modules

Leverage VereQuest Solutions to take your contact center to the next level 


Leverage expert and unbiased VQ Coaches to enhance quality assurance efforts and improve performance.  Free up internal QA analysts for coaching.  Stay on top of BPO performance.  Improve speech analytics accuracy with human calibration.  

QA Tool

 Ditch your spreadsheets and hard-to-use tools.  Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your contact center quality monitoring efforts.  Work across channels and sites.  Flat rate pricing for an unlimited number of users and agents.


Tap into decades of experience managing a multi-channel environment to improve your support for coaches/managers, streamline customer service processes, and improve agent performance.  Leverage our expertise to help increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, boost sales, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

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