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Dare to be different.

To truly understand your customer's experience you need to take a holistic journey across channels, through policies and procedures, into a wide variety of customers' lives and see things from your frontline employees' perspective.  That's the easy part.


What to do about what you learn is the most challenging.  There will be quick wins certainly.  However, the greatest opportunity will be to close gaps in a way that differentiates your organization from the others.  Sounds simple.  It's not.  We can help.

"Your leadership team has been so responsive to our needs, from executing a quick ramp-up with skills to negotiating our many IT challenges with good grace.   Best of all you are passionate about our customers and the experience they have with us and are passionate about helping employees be the best they can be.”
~ Operations Director,  Major Financial Institution
Our Approach.
  • Every project takes a different form based on your specific needs and outcomes.

  • Whenever possible, we adopt a coaching role supporting your team through the process.  Not only is this a valuable learning experience but it also ensures the knowledge stays within the organization after the project has ended.

  • We believe in the concept of 'fewer, better people' and so we draw upon our roster of proven, talented, senior consultants who have the specific expertise you need.

  • Our fees are reasonable and based on the estimated time involved. 

  • We typically agree on a fixed budget per project, so there are no 'surprises' on your end.

Let's Talk.

Get in touch and let's talk about how we may be able to help lift your NPS or CSAT scores through an improved and differentiated customer experience.

Other Ways We Can Help
Outsourced quality assurance

Leverage expert VQ resources to conduct quality monitoring so your internal resources can focus on coaching and serving customers.  And it comes with VQ Online!

Customer journey mapping

Understand the customer's experience with your company and in the impact it has on your contact center resources.  Identify high priorities areas to reduce effort and build customer loyalty.

Contact center quality monitoring tool

VQ Online is included in all Outsourced QA arrangements.  However, if you want to do your own QA in-house, leverage this platform for managing quality monitoring efforts across call, email and chat channels.

Contact center training

Whether you need classroom or eLearning resources, dip into the VQ library for customized sales, service and coaching skills-based modules.

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