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Dare to be different flamingo


Dare to be different.

Quite frankly, we don't offer our call center consulting services to just any company. Our services are built on decades of experience with multi-channel contact centers across a number of industries.  We have a passion for creating exceptional customer experiences and a commitment to integrity, transparency, and collaboration.

We carefully select customers who align with these values to ensure a harmonious working relationship and guaranteed success.


Whether you need help developing a more effective QA program or trying to figure out how to engage your agents, let's discover if we're a good match for each other.  We love talking about contact centers and customers!

"Your leadership team has been so responsive to our needs, from executing a quick ramp-up with skills to negotiating our many IT challenges with good grace.   Best of all you are passionate about our customers and the experience they have with us and are passionate about helping employees be the best they can be.”
~ Operations Director,  Major Financial Institution
Our Approach.
  • Every call center consulting project takes a different form based on your specific needs and outcomes.

  • Whenever possible, we adopt a 'coaching' role supporting your team through the process.  Not only is this a valuable learning experience but it also ensures the knowledge stays within the organization after the project has ended.

  • We believe in the concept of 'fewer, better people' is always a good idea and so we draw upon our roster of proven, talented, senior consultants who have the specific expertise you need.

  • Our fees are reasonable and based on the estimated time involved. 

  • We typically agree on a fixed budget per project, so there are no 'surprises' on your end.

Let's Talk.

Get in touch and let's talk about how we may be able to help lift your NPS or CSAT scores through an improved and differentiated customer experience.

Differentiate your contact center delivery with VereQuest Solutions


Leverage expert and unbiased VQ Coaches to enhance quality assurance efforts and improve performance.  Free up internal QA analysts for coaching.  Stay on top of BPO performance.  Improve speech analytics accuracy with human calibration.  


Choose from our library of best-in-class customer service, sales, and coaching skills modules for newly hired or tenured agents alike.  We customize them to align with your brand, company, and industry.  Host on your LMS or ours.  Flat rate pricing for unlimited learners.  

QA Tool

 Ditch your spreadsheets and hard-to-use tools.  Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your contact center quality monitoring efforts.  Work across channels and sites.  Flat rate pricing for an unlimited number of users and agents.

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