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What Our Clients Say

Helping companies keep the promises they make®

At VereQuest we are both proud and grateful for the length and depth of relationships we have with our clients. We work hard to contribute to the quality of their customer and employee engagement every day. But don’t take our word for it.  Here is what our clients say!

Customer Experience Coaching

The insight that our VereQuest Program Directors offer on any and all questions is absolutely AMAZING!! If a Masters Degree could be given in Customer Experience, I say that they should possess one. They are so open to providing feedback and insight in an eloquent and clear manner, it allows us to connect better with our managers/coaches and ultimately our customers…THANK YOU!!

Customer Experience CoachingCustomer Experience Coaching
Call Center Quality Monitoring

Our Contact Center Managers often comment on how effective they find the tool and how the results of the audits have supported their coaching efforts and fine tuned the areas to help their team with.

Call Center Quality MonitoringCall Center Quality Monitoring
Customer Experience Monitoring

Your leadership team has been so responsive to our needs, from executing a quick ramp-up with skill, to negotiating our many logon access challenges with good grace. Best of all you are passionate about our customers and the experience they have with us and are passionate about helping employees be the best they can be.

Customer Experience MonitoringCustomer Experience Monitoring
Call Experience Monitoring

The VQ family has been such amazing partners in helping keep the promises we’ve made; to exceed expectations at every contact! A warm felt THANK YOU! I looked at the scorecard and rated the VereQuest team and guess what? You score 100%!

Customer Experience Mapping

I must say, since inception the VQ team has made me think differently about the Customer Experience…in a GREAT WAY!

Customer Experience MappingCustomer Journey Mapping

VQ has been incredibly open to working on special projects and has been flexible to work within our budget and time constraints.


The VereQuest team are a great bunch of individuals to work with. Always.

Improve Net Promoter Scores

If you ask our SVP or Shared Services VP, they will say without hesitation that while there are a lot of factors that contribute to our customer experience results, we could not have achieved this without our VereQuest partners.

Competitive Mystery Shopping

Would I recommend VQ…? Absolutely! VereQuest has been a powerful tool to help differentiate us.

Competitive Mystery ShoppingCompetitive Mystery Shopping
Customer Experience Monitoring

I’m such a fan of VereQuest and the newfangled angle on QA you and your team have brought to our team. I think it’s been eye opening and invaluable to see our agent performance through our customers’ eyes. You’ve always given us feedback meant to be used and an honest display of our opportunities. Your investments in helping us achieve end-to-end alignment from training to agent performance to QA is a real first for us!  I’m grateful for your candor and the feedback you’ve given me about myself and my team – always constructive and intended to improve. Just can’t ask for more than that. You and VereQuest have been not just a paid service provider, but an invested partner. Thanks for caring about our success.

Customer Experience MonitoringCustomer Experience Monitoring
Coaching Support

Awareness at an individual level provides increased accountability holistically. This translates into a more consistent, improved customer experience.

Coaching SupportCoaching Support
Customer Experience Monitoring

Feedback provided is consistently thoughtful. I get the sense that time and care was put into each evaluation.

Customer Experience MonitoringCustomer Experience Monitoring
Coaching Workshop

Your team was AMAZING again last week at our conference! They naturally captured exactly what we were aiming for and more! The workshop received a ton of great feedback from the Branch Manager group.

Coaching WorkshopCoaching Workshop
Roundtable Role-playing

The feedback received for the VereQuest team was FANTASTIC!! 99% of the group had not been through a professional simulation experience and they mentioned it was incredibly impactful. Our VPs also mirrored this feedback! Comments describing the team were “They are SO great at what they do”, “I felt like I was coaching one of my CSRs”, “The feedback gave me new perspective on how I can connect with my team”, “I’ll never forget this experience”!

Roundtable Role-playingRoundtable Role-playing
Call & Email Quality Monitoring

We were pleasantly surprised at how quickly VereQuest was able to get up and running — both in terms of understanding our business and goals as well as customizing the system to meet our specific requirements.  The system is so flexible and easy to use that we can adjust our program in real-time as we learn and our expectations evolve.  There is no question that the VereQuest customer experience monitoring program has contributed to our ability to achieve best-in-class customer service for our customers.  I would highly recommend this service to other companies looking to do the same for their customers.

Call & Email Quality MonitoringManager Travel Operations EXPEDIA
Call Quality Monitoring & Coaching

We asked VereQuest to partner with us, to monitor and evaluate the activity of our 3000+ Specialists on a daily basis.  In short order, we realized record-breaking improvements in our CE scores along with a #1 ranking in Customer Satisfaction from JD Power.  I would not hesitate to say that these successes would have been difficult to achieve without VereQuest’s insight and support.  During our 5-year association with VereQuest our entire experience has been nothing but positive and invaluable.  I enthusiastically recommend VereQuest to you and your company.

Call & Email Quality Monitoring, Customer Service Training

Over the last 8 years we have found VereQuest to be both responsive and pragmatic in helping us lift our performance to meet the changing needs of our clients.  We value their independent, external perspective and feel that their insight has been vital to shaping the experience we deliver to our broad base of clients.  I can honestly say that the VereQuest team feels like an extension of our own internal team and I would not hesitate to recommend VQ to you and your company.

Call & Email Quality Monitoring, Customer Service TrainingVice-President, Canadian Division, Contact Centres, Customer Experience MANULIFECanada
Front-line Customer Service + Quality Assurance Management Coaching

It is in my opinion that the difference between someone who is good at Customer Service, and those who are great at Customer Service are those who genuinely care about it. It is not the main responsibility of those of us who genuinely care to teach others how to be better at Customer Service, but rather inspire them to care. It is more than evident that not only is Kirk Dunn one of the people who genuinely care, but also do an incredible job at inspiring others to care too.

Front-line Customer Service + Quality Assurance Management CoachingFront-line Manager - Large Financial Institution
Front-line Customer Service + Quality Assurance Management Coaching

We want to thank you and your wonderful team for providing us all with constructive feedback to improve our way of dealing with our callers.  As a former call quality analyst, I know how hard it is to keep on playing back calls and provide feedback.  It takes a lot of patience, understanding and consideration in order to achieve our goal to provide excellent customer service.  I salute each and every one of you!

Front-line Customer Service + Quality Assurance Management Coaching
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