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Map the Customer's

Turn your sales and service delivery into a loyalty-creating,  branded customer experience.  

Customer journey mapping
Customer Journey Mapping Guide

Customer Journey Mapping is a tool that helps organizations understand the end-to-end experience customers have with their company -- today and in the future.  There are as many types and approaches to Customer Journey Mapping as there are customers!  We facilitate many of them.

To truly understand your customer's experience you need to take a holistic journey across channels, through policies and procedures, into a wide variety of customers' lives and see things from your frontline employees' perspective.  That's the easy part.


What to do about what you learn is the most challenging.  There will be quick wins certainly.  However, the greatest opportunity will be to close gaps in a way that differentiates your organization from the others.  Sounds simple.  It's not.  We can help.

Stormboard Example

The VereQuest approach to Customer Journey Mapping is highly collaborative.  Delivered as a facilitated workshop (in-person or virtually using collaborative tools), the Customer Journey Map is created to provide sufficient detail to understand not only touchpoints and activities but also how they inter-relate and impact each other.


Armed with this insight, you will be better prepared to not only focus your efforts but also do it in a manner that is differentiating and sustainable.



What is happening?  What could happen?

Depending on your end goal, the customer experience map can be very detailed incorporating all decisions, options, touchpoints, and outcomes. Or it can be high-level capturing a single part of the journey.  It could focus on the current state or design a new, future experience.  Or both.


Here's an example of what your Customer Journey Map could end up looking like.

Customer Journey Map Example
 “We hired VereQuest to facilitate the development of a Customer Journey Map in order to get a sense of the end-to-end experience our varied customers have with our company.  This was no small task as our customer's experience is influenced by both internal and external factors, literally hundreds of touchpoints and a lot of choices.  This was a highly worthwhile exercise that enabled us to fast-track our own customer experience initiatives in-house.  We would highly recommend VereQuest to your organization."
~ VP Operations,  Major Travel Company
Our Approach.
  • While VQ tries to do the ‘heavy lifting’ it is important to engage your internal team throughout the process so they can ‘maintain’ the Customer Journey Map going forward.

  • VereQuest typically works with project leaders to develop the initial Customer Journey Map based on publicly available information, Mystery Shops, experiences with your competitors, and interviews with key stakeholders.

  • We then augment the Customer Journey Map with data gleaned from existing customer research and data.
  • A 1 - 3 day workshop (over a period of time) with your team fills in the gaps:
    1. Review the Customer Journey Map with your internal team, fix, revise, refine.

    2. Overlay existing research, metrics, etc.

    3. Identify information gaps

    4. Flag points of high effort

    5. Prioritize and align current initiatives

    6. Brainstorm and prioritize opportunities to close customer experience gaps, stimulate growth, etc. 

Let's Talk.

Get in touch, and let's talk about how Customer Journey Mapping may help your organization better understand customer experiences and expectations.

NOTE:  It's also a great way to make sure that the various departments and channels (silos) in your organization have a common understanding of what customers are experiencing.

We can then provide a fixed price estimate based on your needs.

Practical solutions developed with
customers + contact center people in mind.


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