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Customer Journey Mapping That Matters (VereQuest)

Customer Journey Mapping, done correctly, can lead to sustainable and repeatable results. This Datasheet explores 8 steps to mapping that matter when it comes to creating memorable experiences and loyal customers.

Case Studies

VereQuest Customer Empathy Infographic

We reviewed almost 80,000 call center interactions across a broad range of companies and industries to see if empathy really mattered. Here is what we found.

What Matters Most in a Net Promoter Environment

In today’s competitive financial services marketplace, continued success is not only dependent on an ability to differentiate your products/services in ways that cannot be easily replicated, but also to tap into the emotional and rational drivers of a customer’s experience.


Customer Journey Mapping Playbook

In this guide, you’ll be able to create a framework for prioritizing and acting on opportunities that remove barriers to purchase and create loyal customers.

Customer Journey Mapping: 9 Steps to Understand What Matters Most

In this complimentary guide, we explore the 9 steps that are essential to a successful customer journey mapping project.

How Call Centers Can Win Back Customer Trust

The 5 key questions that you need to answer in order to build, rebuild and sustain customer trust.

10 Communication Tips for ESL Front-line Agents

10 English-language communication reminders for front-line employees where English is your second language.

Top 10 Customer Service Experience Trends to Watch

These 10 key trends are essential in mapping out your company’s path forward in today’s customer service marketplace.

[eBook] The Case for Quality Monitoring in a Speech Analytics World: What’s Working and What’s Not

Our latest eBook takes a pragmatic look at four key areas many organizations base the ROI for speech analytics on.

The Tough Get Going: How to Adapt Customer Experience Strategy in an Evolving Economy

In this whitepaper, we discuss specific customer experience strategies that can help give organizations the upper hand.


Coming soon…check back again!


Coming soon…check back again!

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