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Develop front-line managers who lead & inspire

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business people group working in customer and helpdesk officeWe’ve heard it said that “organizations are only as good as their front-line managers”.  We can measure great leadership in sales results and employee retention rates and hear it in customer feedback.  Many front-line managers have earned their place in a leadership role by performing as an agent or representative.  They may have ‘paid their dues’ by demonstrating they can do a front-line job … but do they have what it takes to lead?  Research tells us that less than 30% of our employees are truly engaged in their work.  Front-line leadership is how we tap into the other 70%.

What We Do
  • Set the stage with an in-depth 1-3 day workshop to outline the principles of leadership
  • Review current performance metrics and measurement.
  • Review and/or conduct research to understand how employees perceive their managers’ leadership
  • Working with you, develop a short-/long-term ‘Playbook’ for Leadership development that will help new and existing leaders understand, learn and practice the fundamentals of leadership in an era of never-ending change and customer-centricity.
  • Back up the plan with a series of engaging sessions that may include workshops, role-playing, self-study and one-on-one coaching.

What You Get
  • Identification of where your individual front-line managers are performing and how their team members perceive their leadership today
  • A written document and presentation that highlights both the philosophy of leadership within your organization and how it aligns with your overall brand promise
  • A short-/long-term plan coupled with recommended activities that support the key tenets of your Leadership mandate

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