• Sharon Oatway

Internal or Outsourced QA? Things to consider

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Confused Quality Assurance Manager

Making a decision to keep your contact center Quality Assurance internally can have some downsides. Here are a few things to consider:


Internal QA - Is being paid whether or not QA is being conducted (e.g. benefits, meetings, management overhead, training time, vacation time, and more).

Outsourced QA - Is available on a fixed cost per evaluation which means your budget will be predictable. Period.


Internal QA - Simply knows too much about the organization and the people they are evaluating to be unbiased in their evaluations.

Outsourced QA - Is able to provide an independent, third-party perspective to QA evaluations that is closer to that of your customers.

QA management


Internal QA - Is usually among the most knowledgeable (and valuable) resources you have and could be providing important support elsewhere (e.g. coaching, training, operational effectiveness and more).

Outsourced QA - Is skilled at delivering high-quality evaluations and actionable coaching. That’s what we do best.


Internal QA - Takes valuable time away from Contact Center management – who already have too much on their plate.

Outsourced QA - Allows your Contact Center management team to focus on coaching … and VereQuest can help prioritize who needs coaching most.

QA checklist


Internal QA - Maybe using tools that aren’t well suited to QA meaning that real-time reporting and other critical insight are not available in a timely manner.

Outsourced QA - Is supported by VQ Online™ which, in addition to real-time reporting, provides you with full transparency into the VQ QA process.


Internal QA - May abandon QA during a crisis. (Admit it. It happens.)

Outsourced QA - This means that QA is completed, no matter what is going on in the contact center, when you need it most.


Internal QA - May be great frontline agents or supervisors but often do not have the depth of experience (or attention to detail) that QA needs.

Outsourced QA -Has an average tenure of 6+ years working across different clients and industries and they bring this expertise to each evaluation. Plus, they are supported by management that is dedicated to the QA process and developing their QA skills.

Sharon Oatway is President & Chief Experience Officer of VereQuest. Sharon is a Customer Service, Sales, and Marketing professional with more than three decades of hands-on experience elevating the overall customer experience along with multi-channel contact center performance. Sharon and her team at VereQuest have listened to/read and analyzed several million customer interactions for some of North America’s leading brands. As a result, Sharon is a recognized thought-leader in what it takes to build and sustain great customer experiences.

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